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Are We Truly Living the Life We Want?

Let’s take a moment to step back right now to look at our lives. Just look at where we are, how did we get here, and why we’re here? When you think about this, on a day to day basis, one might say that they’re exactly where they wanted to be! They have a job…

Mar 29 2020

Is Everyone Expecting Helicopter Money?

This past Friday Congress signed into law a historic stimulus package with the intent of providing emergency aid throughout the country as we all struggle with the issues that surround us resulting from Covid-19. While this stimulus package has been the talk for over a week regarding who will receive the benefits from it and…

Mar 5 2020

What Someday Will Look Like

  We all have a tendency to put things off and plan on taking care of them someday. This isn’t that uncommon among all of us. The unfortunate part of waiting until someday is that too many things are now waiting to be taken care of, and the longer that we put them off the…

Mar 5 2020

A Rock and A Hard Place

  Was reading an article recently about how things in society are just so out of balance. As I looked back through that article I began to think that the author made some good points, but for some reason I felt something was missing still. Consider how much our world today is set up for…